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RDC WangarattaStrategic Planning and Organisational Development

Whitehorse City Council

Integrated Council Planning

RDC is currently working with the City of Whitehorse to provide skilled facilitation and engagement processes so the councillors and council staff have a direct input into shaping the Council Plan, and the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, and have input into the review and renewal of the 10 year visionary document. The work includes facilitating workshops with the councillors, staff and potentially government agencies, shape the resultant workshop outcomes into key themes and findings and communicating and advising the Council Planning Working Group.

Queanbeyan City Council

Community Vision 2021

RDC used innovative consultation techniques, including online feedback posts, to engage widely in the community. Using the results of the community discovery of issues and opportunities, RDC worked closely with council and a broad range of state government agencies (including cross border ACT agencies) to design an implementation framework to achieve the vision with clear responsibilities and timeframes assigned. Significant progress has been made towards achieving the vision and RDC have been commissioned to undertake an independent update, review and validation. This will include testing the Vision with a broad scale communications and community engagement approach.


Goulburn-Murray Water

Portfolio of Land and On-Water Management Plans (Lake Eildon, Lake Eppalock, Goulburn Weir, Lake Buffalo, Cairn Curran, Lake Boga, Lake William Hovell)

This project involved the development of Land and On-Water Management Plans for all major Goulburn-Murray Water storages. RDC was engaged to carry out extensive consultation and stakeholder engagement for each Land and On-Water Management Plan. The aim of the consultancies was to consolidate the consultative approach to the foreshore, in-lake and viewscape planning programs that have been underway for a number of years, and deliver a Land and On-Water Management Plan and supporting documentation for Lake Hume. The plans strategically target and respond to key natural and cultural resource management issues, develop an adaptive management system to involve and empower key stakeholders involved in the use and management of the storage foreshores in cost-effective management strategies. The plans clearly define appropriate land uses and recreational behaviour and better manage development pressures around the foreshores of the lake to protect natural and cultural values of the Lake. Consultation included focus groups, one on one interviews, on-line surveys, and have a say sessions.

The Centre (not for Profit)

Strategic Plan

This project involved a thorough and robust Environmental Scan that informed the Strategic Planning conversations and helped develop a strategic response. This scan resulted in the development of an Environmental Analysis Report. The project also involved the facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshops with the key leaders of The Centre. The participants included Board of Governance members and the Senior Management Team. The workshops were informed by the Environmental Analysis Report which tested the report for reality and implications. The workshops were the key means to make sense of the external environment, test the vision and mission, establish clear strategic directions and identify success factors/desired outcomes for the next three years. RDC developed of the Strategic Plan which identifies the desired future strategic directions, key priorities, and measures.


NevRwaste and Resource GV

Planning for Waste and Resource Recovery in the Hume Region

This project currently being undertaken for the regional waste management groups, NevRwaste and Resource GV has involved engagement consultations with state government, local councils and business. The project will identify barriers and regional solutions to enable the development of waste and resource recovery industries in the Hume Region. This industry development will provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the local and regional community.

Bogong Region Training Network

Strategic Planning

RDC conducted the strategic planning for the Bogong Region Training Network including Annual Review meetings with senior medical education staff and board members. RDC facilitated a major organisation restructure that was designed and developed with all staff members and then overseen by the Board and CEO. We have worked for BRTN for the past six years annually.


North East Support and Action
for Youth Inc (NESAY)

Strategic Plan

RDC worked closely with the Board and senior staff at North East Support and Action for Youth Inc (NESAY) to develop their Strategic Plan.

Numurkah District Health Service

Strategic Plan

RDC worked with Numurkah District Health Service on their three year strategic plan which included working with staff, key stakeholders and board members (through facilitated meetings) to develop comprehensive strategic directions and plan.


Goulburn Valley Regional Library

Strategic Plan

Lifeline Albury Wodonga previously developed a Strategic Plan, however it was time for Lifeline Albury Wodonga to really engage key stakeholders in the conversation about strategic directions, and get Board and whole of staff buy-in as the organisation gains a better understanding of the complexities and changes impacting on them. The aim of the project was to revise the Lifeline Albury Wodonga mission, vision and core values and develop a Strategic Plan that informs and aligns with identified needs, service requirements, partner expectations, governance and performance management.

Kingston Shire Council

Strategic Plan

The aim of this project was to develop clear directions and make decisions to enable the preparation of the updated Council Plan, formalise directions (including budget implications) for key strategic issues (child care, hostels, community hubs, council headquarters, green wedge), update the 2009-2012 Council Plan including the incorporation of major issues and review of the mission, vision, values and objectives and determine project process and timing for the community vision/ engagement project.


Moira Shire Council

Strategic Plan

Following a review of the structure of tourism in the Moira Shire, Moira Council made decisions which led to the establishment of the Sun Country on the Murray Board; the creation of new across-shire positions of Executive Officer, Visitor Services Officer, Events Coordinator and Administration and Marketing support; and employment of tourism and VIC staff directly by council. With this new structure in place, it was time to develop a three year Strategic Plan (2010-2013), with a more detailed one year Action Plan. The key outcome for this project was to develop aligned strategic, action and business plans for Sun Country on the Murray which take into account the needs and interests of key stakeholders, whilst positioning the region for increased and sustained visitation and expenditure. The project deliverables included development of a three year Strategic Plan (2010-2013), development of a detailed Annual Action Plan and development of Business Planning Templates.