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RDC WangarattaCompany Profile

The Regional Development Company was established in 1997 and is a small consulting company based in Wangaratta. Our niche is working in rural, regional and remote communities which we all live in and know well and with the organisations who serve them.

We currently have four senior consulting staff and two administration staff. For specific projects, we partner with other companies and contractors to create a team of professional consultants tailored to the client’s project and specific needs.

We specialise in the provision of six core services including:

Our clients include local government, regional agencies, state and federal government departments, community groups and the private sector.

We are highly regarded for our facilitation, community and stakeholder engagement including specialist expertise in the design and delivery of communications and engagement strategies and frameworks, delivery of strategic discussions and assisting clients to identify key themes and priorities in relation to their long-term vision, aspirations and needs. We have a breadth of experience in developing appropriate processes to engage specific and diverse communities and stakeholders and enable them, through participatory processes, to develop meaningful and practical strategies for future development.

We have extensive experience in assisting organisations with their strategic planning including the development of an organisation's vision, strategies to achieve their vision and goals, and action planning. The team is specialised in the development of plans and strategies and is adept at conveying information, results  and findings in an interesting, clear and concise manner.

We also deliver projects, training courses and workshops on community engagement, advanced facilitator skills, group facilitation, working with conflict, and leadership styles and skills. Participants learn how to design their own engagement frameworks, strengthen their facilitation skills and techniques, manage conflict and develop their leadership capacity in practical and professionally relevant ways.