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RDC WangarattaCommunity

The Centre

Strategic Planning

The purpose of this project was to develop a Strategic Plan that provides a clear, achievable framework and strategy for The Centre over the next five years. The plan takes into account the changing and challenging external and internal environment, defining the role The Centre should play within its communities and the market, and the service mix that can be best delivered, setting a clear direction for the organisation. A fully participatory approach to the development of the Strategic Plan enabled Board members to further develop as a highly functioning team drawing on their knowledge and experience (business, community, education services) to shape the direction of The Centre.

The Personnel Group

Strategic Planning

The development of The Personnel Group’s three year strategic plans for 2007-2010 and 2011-2014 through delivery of a range of internal stakeholder consultation activities which incorporated environmental scanning and scenario planning. On an annual basis, RDC has facilitated a review of The Personnel Group’s current strategic plan involving both board and senior staff using environmental scanning and various inclusive means to refresh strategies and actions. 


Bogong Regional Training Network

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for the Bogong Regional Training Network including Annual Review meetings with senior medical education staff and board members. Last year RDC facilitated a major organisation restructure that was designed and developed with all staff members and then overseen by the Board and CEO.

Mt Beauty Neighborhood Centre

Strategic Planning

The three year Strategic Plan for the Mt Beauty Neighbourhood Centre was developed through a combination of workshops with staff, committee of management members, volunteers and identified key partners and strategic conversations with key partner organisations. These strategies informed the thinking and directions. Five Key Strategic Directions were identified in the plan, with each direction defined by a goal, strategies and outcomes.


North East Training and Employment Inc.


Facilitation of workshops with the Board of this not for profit disability service provider to develop a Vision, Values and Strategic Plan.