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RDC WangarattaEconomic Development

Local Government, North East Victoria

North East Regional Plan, North East Victoria

RDC designed and delivered the first regional plan for local governments within the Hume region in North East Victoria in 2003. Spurred by issues such as growth, transport infrastructure, environmental management and economic development, the consultation and facilitation process underpinning this new planning initiative delivered an identified list of key projects, challenges and opportunities agreed as regional priorities. It was one of the first formal regional (cross-municipal) initiatives of its type for the area.

Indigo Shire Council

Whole of Government ‘Chiltern Barnawartha - Our Future’ Project

RDC designed and delivered a comprehensive, inclusive engagement approach for one of the Hume region’s first whole of government projects known as ‘Chiltern Barnawartha – Our Future’. This collaborative process enabled a holistic approach by Indigo Shire Council and government departments servicing the municipality to address regional growth in the townships of Chiltern and Barnawartha anticipated as a result of large scale investment in a nearby freight and logistics centre. The innovative consultation approach resulted in 3,000 individual business, community and government stakeholder comments. The project approach avoided traditional departmental silos and generated intergovernmental collaboration and shared projects. The final study and the resulting community plans were highly regarded by the communities, local government and state government and highlighted at the MAV conference – Planning For and By The People.


Corowa Shire

Economic Development Strategy

RDC worked with the Corowa business community and Corowa Shire Council to develop an Economic Development Strategy particularly to cope with potential downturns in the three major employing industries of the Shire. A year later, undertaking a review and ‘re-tweaking’ of the strategy to ensure that Council and the Economic Development Group were focused on the outcomes and achieving goals within the plan.

West Coast Council Municipality

Economic Profile and Needs Analysis

RDC developed an economic profile needs analysis and opportunity analysis leading to a Strategic Directions West Coast Impact and Opportunities study (2010). This report was commissioned to look at ways in which to reduce the future vulnerability of the West Coast to changing economic conditions, and to strengthen the local economy. While originally focused on the adequacy of industrial land supply to meet future demand, the study widened in scope to identify future strategic directions for socio‐economic development of the region and its communities.


Indigo Shire Council

Indigo Know and Grow

RDC is currently assisting the Indigo Shire Council to develop a greater understanding of the economic and business environment of the Council (ISC) through a targeted research project. Internally, the research will improve knowledge and understanding of the economics of the region and be used to develop the local government economic development programs, so that they better meet the needs of key stakeholders. Externally the research is essential to assist in the attraction of new investment and provide quality data to local businesses to help them achieve their plans for growth.

Moira Shire Council

Economic Development Strategy

RDC is currently assisting Moira Shire Council to renew its Economic Development Strategy. Moira Shire’s Economic Development Unit works in partnership with neighbouring councils, State and Federal Governments and industry to support new initiatives and projects for the region. Some of the ways it does this is through being proactive and supporting local business retention and expansion, assisting business and industry to identify appropriate land for development, providing networks for business support, providing opportunities to enhance business knowledge, networking, coordinating development and advocacy services.