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Bringing together multiple stakeholders and competing agendas requires high-level facilitation and communication skills to identify core issues and define actions. We are highly experienced and well regarded for our ability to facilitate in complex situations, and enable participants to reach meaningful conclusions. Our ability to design forums that allow people to engage and react in a constructive manner is well recognised.  We also facilitate in highly controversial and potentially inflammatory issues and situations.

Our facilitation processes are highly flexible, allowing us to harness the different interests, strengths and creativity inherent in each group we work with.

Our consultants are recognised by the International Association of Facilitators as Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) and are members of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). In all our work we subscribe to the International Association of Facilitators "Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Facilitators".

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Our work involves design, implementation and management of the consultation process. With regional projects involving a diversity of stakeholders, we employ inclusive processes amongst community and stakeholder groups to create cohesion, engagement, commitment and ownership of project outcomes.

We are highly experienced in working with communities and stakeholders facing a range of diverse and complex challenges and priorities. We work with a number of innovative tools and techniques that enable us to create a genuine two way dialogue with our communities and stakeholders so that we can truly understand and translate their needs.

Strategic Planning

We have extensive experience in assisting organisations with their strategic planning including the development of an organisation's vision, strategies to achieve their vision and goals, and action planning. We also assist organisations with issues-based strategic planning by examining issues facing the organisation, developing management actions to address those issues and developing action plans.

Our team has assisted with the development of numerous plans and strategies for local government, regional agencies, state and federal government, businesses, not for profits, and community organisations. We focus on developing and delivering clear, accurate and meaningful documents that reflect the priorities and needs of communities and organisations.

Leadership Development

Our leadership training and mentoring builds on participants’ existing skills and knowledge and develops their leadership capacity in practical and professionally relevant ways. We design and deliver leadership programs for communities, industry sectors, councils and other organisations.

All of our practical approaches are underpinned by leadership and management theory. Leadership programs are designed around self-discovery, shared discovery and future directions for the participants. A combination of skills development and experiential learning are used in tailored programs.

We are also closely aligned with the Alpine Valley Leadership Program in North East Victoria and deliver key components of the program - opening, mid-year and closing retreats. Established in 1999, the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program has delivered more than 250 graduates to the communities of the North East. Many of the RDC team are leadership program graduates.


Whether for individuals, community groups or businesses, we provide quality leadership development and training tools for board and committee development, organisational improvement and staff workshops and training. Our motivation is building community and organisational capacity.

Our training courses span across beginner and advanced facilitator skills, leadership and management skills, conflict resolution, community engagement and social media. Our participants develop a range of practical skills and resources in a safe and fun learning environment.

Each course has been designed to enable collaboration and shared learning for participants.  All of our training workshops are aimed at developing practical skills whilst obtaining useful resources and materials that can be applied directly to your work.

Project and Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analysing, and using information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs, particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency. In both the public and private sectors, stakeholders will want to know if the programs they are funding, implementing, voting for, receiving or objecting to are actually having the intended effect.

We use our facilitation and engagement processes to ensure that evaluations are conducted in a participatory way ensuring that there is a shared understanding of the findings, and a way of using the findings for continual improvement.

Our team includes specialists in Natural Resource Management (NRM).  Our NRM experts have undertaken a number of projects within the environment sector to provide evidence about the appropriateness, impact, effectiveness, efficiency and legacy of projects and programs.